Member Spotlight and Race Reports

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  • 16 Sep 2014 7:04 AM | Anonymous

    For those interested - summary of my first 100mile/29hrs trail run at Haliburton forest

    1) Craziest of storms on the night before the race - pouring rain, scary non-stop lightning all night long.
    2) 6am start on Saturday & in the dark with all happy faces & my flashy blue shoes!
    3) First 25miles in 5:30hrs - all smiles & making friends, blissfully unaware of what’s to come!
    4) 2nd 25miles in 6hrs, sight of fellow racer lying down in the middle of the trail, out of extreme dehydration - indication of what's to come!
    5) Starting of 3rd 25miles with 45mins of luxurious stay in the medical tent (getting blisters treated) & with delicious hot soup, running with crazy people who would stick with me till the end and running with a bear-bell for the rest of the way!
    6) 3rd 25miles in 8:15 hrs being seriously chased by sleep monsters, hearing & seeing things (that are not there!), walking off the course twice and word of advice '100miler doesn't even begin until mile 75, so enjoy while you can!'
    7) 4th & final 25miles in 9 hrs, being kicked out of an aid station by a wonderful volunteer at 3am, stupid move of running fast 2km (6:30min/k pace - after drinking lt of coffee) with still 30k to go followed by 60 mins of delirious & extreme paranoia (of missing flags & getting lost in the forest, eaten alive by wolves, passing out by the side of the trail....).
    8) Finishing 100miles after 28hrs at 11:57am on Sunday, cheering fellow racers until cut-off time of 30hrs & then passing out in the tent. And of course the words of 'Never Again!'
    9) Incredibly chance & luck to witness & welcome a courageous gentleman finish his 100mile on his 10th attempt in 33hrs - no more words to describe it!
    10) Finally getting the coveted finisher buckle - which belongs to the fellow racers, support crew, medics, volunteers & the amazing race organizers!
    11) And already thinking about the next one a day after ! undefined at Haliburton Forest & Wild Life Reserve.

  • 24 Jul 2014 10:18 PM | Anonymous
  • 12 Jun 2014 1:04 PM | Anonymous
  • 12 Jun 2014 1:04 PM | Anonymous

    I just read the latest member update, and was surprised and happy to see that my showing in Puerto Rico got the TTC a second place finish!

    Just wanted to share the fact that, when Jane Zhang and I signed up for the club two years ago, I was struggling with the (400m) swim distance in the "give-it-a-tri" distance, and that when the two of us showed up for swim sessions at the Regent Park Swim Club, we nearly dropped out. I couldn't even float in the pool without my legs dropping to the bottom.

    Anyway, with Rob's help, and from observing others, we got better. Jane was the overall age-group winner (at the "give-it-a-try" distance) for the Multisport Canada series last year, and I finished my 2-km open-water swim in Puerto Rico in 47 minutes, on my way to a 5:43 finish time. Slow, but energized. If I hadn't suddenly moved to Miami in November, I'm sure you would be seeing a lot more of me around now, but sadly I've transplanted to warmer climes.

    Anyway: thanks for the help, support, and induction to the sport!

  • 12 Jun 2014 1:01 PM | Anonymous
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