Goodbye from our Executive Director, Tara

30 Apr 2018 5:04 PM | Anonymous

The decision to step down as ED was not an easy one as It has truly been an amazing opportunity and privilege to be part of the evolution of this club for the past 8-9 years.

When I started with the club in 2008 for help with training for the inaugural Muskoka 70.3, just one year into my triathlon journey, I was overwhelmed but the positivity and the community itself that existed and at the time I had no clue where that journey would end up.  The AGM my first year I still remember was held in the back corner at Whistlers and there were maybe 20 people, most of whom were board members.

I first joined the Board in 2010 as social director.  I have to admit I was pretty nervous and shy about taking on a role like this especially because the member who had the role before me was so excellent at it and was bursting with energy.  My first big project was planning the AGM for the 5th year anniversary and TTC is now in it’s 12th year! 

In 2011 I took over the training director portfolio and knew I still had the same big shoes to fill.  I love a good challenge!

A big thanks to the board of 2013 who saw the opportunity but took a risk in helping to create the ED position based on the growing needs of the club.  This was a big step and change in the structure of the club but by then the demands on the training director were exceeding what a volunteer was able to do.

The next 4.5 years have been a journey and an opportunity for both professional and personal growth that has meant a lot to me.  I had excellent mentors and resources to help along the way.  I want to thank everyone who I’ve had the opportunity to work with at the board level over the years, as well as the coaches and most importantly the members.  Everyone has helped make this club what it is today, which is an amazing community of likeminded people who happen to share a love for the sport of triathlon.

I’m not leaving the club I just won’t be running the club.  I’ll still be an active member and coach and you’ll see me at events and races. So lets not think of this as good bye, more like see you again soon!


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