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  • 12 Mar 2012 9:18 PM | Anonymous
    This is our biggest pub night of the year! Come meet our board members, our club sponsors and other members of the club, see why we're Toronto's premier Triathlon Club! And don't forget to bring a friend!

    Jeff Chong, head of the Toronto Triathlon Festival will be there to tell us more about this new downtown Toronto race, as well as our other knowledgeable, industry sponsors, Nigel from NRGPT, Dan from Endurosport, Tara from Heal Nutrition, and Luigi from Clif Bars. Come ask the experts any questions you may have about racing and training, nutrition, picking a bike or bike maintenance.

    We'll have some prizes, and we'll also raffle off a free race entry for the Toronto Triathlon Festival-July 22nd!

    Please sign up here, we need to know how many appetizers to order ... no really! See you there.

  • 29 Feb 2012 8:08 PM | Anonymous


    The Winter Swim Meet was held on Wednesday Feb 29th, at the D.A. Morrison Pool in Scarborough. There were individual freestyle races over 200, 50, 100 and 25 meters. These were hard fought, notably 25 meter sprint. The Meet was in the format of a team competition with the Flying Fish and the Mighty Marlins going head to head. The team scores were pretty much even going into the 6-person relay series.

    Contestants were caught off-guard when new rules were imposed by coach Kim Lumsdon in her capacity as Starter and Chief Judge. The publicly-billed kicking relay was mandated by her to be a kicking-backstroke race instead. The fin relay was mandated to be performed in butterfly. And so on. The contestants were obedient. They did strokes they had never done before and probably will never do again in public to avoid embarrassment. Oddities such as life-jacket freestyle and inflatable-tube back-paddle engaged attention. Kim piled on extra relays for amusement and the teams splashed, kicked and paddled themselves to a standstill.

    At the pub social afterwards, the points were tallied, the tallies were scrutinised, and final outcome of the Meet was declared a tie. Despite the fact that a tie was somewhat improbable, Elections Canada found no irregularities. (Story by John Hughes)

    Check out the rest of the event photos and videos!

  • 28 Feb 2012 9:11 PM | Anonymous


    Chris Bastie of Enduro Sport presented an excellent talk on the selection and fitting of bikes for triathlon. Chris was a customer relations rep at Cervello prior to his current position at Enduro Sport and has a comprehensive knowledge of the bike industry. Covering all aspects of bike design, construction, components and fit, Chris clearly described the options and choices available for new and used bike selection. He talked extensively about the differences in bike design and fitting for men and women. Most important to Chris is the fit of the bike, starting with the frame size and design, and then proceeding with customizing the fit through selection and positioning of seat and aerobar to achieve the best balance of aerodynamic position and comfort for the individual rider with respect to their riding and racing objectives. He stressed that the best fit for a rider changes through the season, and recommends regularly reviewing one’s riding position and bike fit adjustments. There is always something useful to be learned at a clinic and Chris provided a unique perspective. I’ll be applying many of Chris’s recommendations. (Story by Ted Rosen)

  • 20 Jan 2012 11:04 PM | Anonymous

    Given the conditions, the ride was an opportunity to stress-test equipment and apparel, with riders stopping now and again to help one another out. The designated 30km course took them from the Absolute Endurance gym at 115 Merton Street north westwards to Keele, south west to Eglinton, across the Humber River, south on river down to the cycle bridge across the Humber estuary, east along the Martin Goodman trail, diverting to Liberty Village for warmth and coffee and carrot cake at Balzac’s, then north through the U of T campus to St Clair and home to Absolute Endurance. That was the plan.  Things turned out differently.

    There was a stiff westerly wind, making for slow going and substantial wind chill. Not long into the ride, wardrobe malfunctions materialised. A pain-sharing protocol was implemented whereby the riders took turns wearing a certain pair of gloves! When the peloton reached The Old Mill the riders diverted to the Bloor St subway station, dug for subway tokens and journeyed home in civilised fashion on the TTC.  They were exposed to the elements for nearly three hours - three cold, tough hours. They tested the limits of their endurance. They had a ball.

    The next winter ride will take place on Saturday February 4th. Not sure about what you need for winter riding.  Check out:



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