Our Coaches

The Toronto Triathlon Club coaching staff are all NCCP Community Trained or higher to provide you with safe and effective training opportunities.  Their activities include:

  • Participation in our group training sessions,
  • Seminars on the theory and practice of triathlon,
  • Standardized training programs for club members and
  • Are available to answer training questions at all levels.

Miranda Tomenson - Triathlon / Swim Coach

Sport(s) that you coach: Swimming / Triathlon / Cycling

Certifications: NCCP Triathlon Community Coach, NCCP Swimming Skills Coach, RMT, MSc

Coaching Philosophy / Why I coach: I like to help beginner triathletes feel confident in the sport. I like to help more experienced triathletes become as strong/fit/fast as they can. I use a scientific approach to my training plans and a periodized program that is designed to help peak athletes for the summer race season. 

When I'm not coaching I: I am an RMT in west Toronto and a professional triathlete.

TTC Programs I am responsible for: Regent Park Mon/Wed & Tues/Thurs Swim, Intermediate Swim Clinic, Open Water Swim Clinic, Cherry Beach Open Water Swims.

Tara Postnikoff - Triathlon Coach

Sport(s) that you coach:  Triathlon / Running 

Certifications:  Certified NCCP Triathlon Competition Introduction Coach, Trained NCCP Competition Introduction Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Registered Nutritional Consultant.

Coaching Philosophy / Why I coach: As someone who was active in their youth but not again until early my early adult years, I learned how hard it can be to get started.  I started coaching people on their nutrition habits in 2006 when I founded HEAL (Healthy Eating Active Living) and training & coaching a few years later with the goal to help people get started reaching their goals of becoming healthy and fit.  I love coaching beginner athletes, but I also help experienced athletes optimize their performance.  I believe that communication is key in a successful athlete-coach relationship and that coaching is just as much art as it is science.  

When I’m not coaching: I’m helping people to Healthy Eating and Active Living through speaking engagements, article writing, and creating new recipes in the kitchen.  I’m also busy training for triathlon myself and planning my next great adventure.

My favourite part about coaching is seeing athletes break their goals and the happiness that brings them.

TTC Programs I am responsible for: Arizona Training Camp, Collingwood Training Camp, Triathlon Development Day, Occasional Track Coach for Riverdale/Monarch Park Tues Track.

For more information on Tara and her coaching services please visit her website at:  www.heal-nutrition.com or email at Tara@heal-nutrition.com

Eric D'Arcy - Triathlon Coach

 Eric been coaching athletes towards their running and triathlon goals for over 7 years. He is a trained NCCP coach (Triathlon and Cycling) and certified cycling instructor and works with athletes of all abilities – from those just learning to run – to Ironman competitors.

Eric fell in love with running and triathlon in 2004 and have developed an ever-growing passion for the sport – and for coaching others – helping them to achieve their goals. Eric has competed in various distances of running, cycling and triathlon events from 5km to Iron-distance.

TTC Programs I am responsible for: Keele Mon/Wed Swim, Collingwood Training Camp, Triathlon Development Day, Arizona Training Camp.

For more information on Eric and his coaching services please visit his website at: www.limitlesscoaching.ca

Phaedra Kennedy- Triathlon Coach

Sport that I coach: Cycling

Certifications: NCCP Trained in Triathlon, NAASFP Certified Run Coach

Why I Coach: I coach because I love to help people achieve things that they once thought were impossible.

Coaching philosophy: Coaching is like a partnership. In order for a partnership to be successful, you need to communicate clearly and you also need to be able to listen both empathetically and objectively. I believe that open and frequent communication is key to a successful coaching partnership.

When I’m not coaching I’m: Training, blogging, reading and making a mess in the kitchen.

TTC Programs I am responsible for: Angus Glen Saturday Rides, Occasional Swim Coach for various swim groups.

For more information on Phaedra and her coaching services please visit her website: PKPerformanceCoaching.com

Samuel Johnson - Swim Coach

Certification: NCCP level 1 swimming

Coaching Philosophy: I believe swimming smart is the best way to see results.  There should be a goal behind every meter swam in workouts, working towards efficient strokes.  In addition, to race fast, you need to train fast. As a swimmer you only get out what you put in.

When I'm not coaching I'm: Working on becoming a full time firefighter and playing water polo.

My favourite part about coaching is seeing athletes have break-throughs in their events.

TTC Programs I am responsible for: DA Morrison Tues Swim, Glendon Thurs Swim, Western Tech Mon/Wed Swim Group.

Kevin McCormick - Triathlon Coach

Sport(s) that I coach: Triathlon / Cycling / Running

Certification: NCCP Triathlon Community Coach since 2008

Coaching Philosophy: I help busy athletes develop a consistent and balanced training routine around the rest of their life commitments. I aim to have athletes peaking mentally and physically for the events that matter most to them, so that they can realize their athletic potential and achieve their goals.

Why I coach: I take great satisfaction in sharing the gift of sport, and sharing my experience and knowledge as a coach, to help athletes get started or achieve a new distance.  Additionally, I love to see athletes accomplish something they did not think possible by completing a new distance or going faster than they thought possible.

When I'm not coaching I'm: I am training for Ironman of half-Ironman races, working at WattsUp Cycling or spending time with my family at home or often at a hockey rink.

TTC Programs I am responsible for: Sunnyside Wed/Fri Swims, Thurs High Park Tempo Runs, Collingwood Training Camp, Beginner Swim Clinic, Cherry Beach Open Water Swims.

For more information on Kevin and his coaching services please visit his website: https://www.getfastergofurther.com/

Andrea Smith - Running Coach

Check back soon for Andrea's coaching profile.

TTC Programs I am responsible for: Riverdale/Monarch Park Tues Track.

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