Incredoubleman Race- Chetan Mishra

22 Sep 2014 6:48 PM | Anonymous

For those interested here is the summary of my first experiences back to back half ironman events!
Saturday - First half-ironman in 6:02hrs.
1) First ever back-to-back half ironmnas in the world and use of a drone for the race - how cool is that!
2) Cold temperatures (8C) & choppy waters for the swim - 5th out of the water.
3) Nice bike course but deceiving hills - slight but long rolling kind! 10k into the bike rain starts to come down & wind (40kmph!) decides to take you down!
4) How to keep waarm was the only thing on the mind for the rest of the bike & the race. Possibly tried everything from breathing to mental trips to happy places/pubs in Irland & Scotland - didn't work!
5) Never felt so alone & cold on bike before, so much so that I couldn't pickup or squeez my water/nutrition bottles & had to take help of a volunteer at the trasition to unclip my helmet!
6) Run was mostly flat but 80% on trails - Keep moving to keep warm, was the slogan!
7) Entire 6hrs of racing with just a bottle of ensure & 2 gels - unreal & wrong on so many levels.
8) 7th overall & first in the age group. But never seen so many DNS & DNF in a race due to weather conditions!
9) Wonderful support by the volunteers in crappy weather conditions - I couldn't have done it!
Sunday - 2nd half ironman in 6:35hrs.
1) No rain but still gloomy & cold conditions (5c!) - keep moving to keep warm is the slogan again!
2) Sore from yesterday but 5th out of the water again and quick transition on to the bike.
3) Legs refuse to move & wind refuse to chill! Lost a few position in the first 10k and winter like conditions didn't help!
4) Dreaded the down hills but loved to hills - awesome way to stay warm! Half way through the bike, sun decides to shine & started feeling my fingers & toes..
6) A spill on the bike but not a scratch on the bike..pheff! Attacked by dogs on the course....yeah ?? (apparently few others had the canine challenges)!
7) By the end of the bike, Achilles swells up = 15mins walk before couple alieve pills (courtesy a wonderful volunteer)!
8) 15 more mins of slow walking before pills kicks in and the run begins! Boy, does it feel good to chase people down on the run...5mins pace all the way to the finish line!
9) First in the age group again for the day. 4th overall/3rd male for both races.
Great organization for an inagural trathlon weekkend - happy to . Cudos to Wayne - the race organizer & the volunteers.

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