Member Profile: Laura-Lee Moran

08 May 2017 10:58 AM | Anonymous

Please meet a new member of the Club, Laura-Lee Moran

Of the three disciplines, the one I excel at most is ... I’d like to say running because it’s the discipline I’ve been doing the longest, but I’ve surprised myself with how I’ve been able to get comfortable on the bike in only a short time.

What inspired you to start participating in triathlons? I’m too competitive with myself and I’m stubborn.  I started running 2 years ago and challenged myself to a half marathon, then it was a full marathon. But I needed something more and competing in triathlons was suggested – challenge accepted.

Embarrassing rookie training moment? I had signed up for my first indoor ride, on a borrowed bike, using borrowed shoes.  I was trying not to make it glaringly obvious that I had no idea what I was doing, but when it came time to clip into the pedals, I was lost. I knew how to do it, they just didn’t want to cooperate that day.  I had to have my shoes clipped in by coach in order for me to continue. 

Tell us about what you are working towards/hoping to accomplish next. Ultimately I would love to do an Ironman, but for now I’m focussing on my first 70.3 that will be in late summer of this year.  I’m also working to improve in the swim which is the worst of the three disciplines, so I’ve signed up for the swim portions of relays to focus on that.

When you see me, talk to me about... Travelling.  I love to travel and am always looking for new destinations and ideas that you won’t necessarily find in a travel book.

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