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05 Jun 2017 12:33 PM | Anonymous

TTC was well represented at the kick-off for the ITU World Grand Finals! The official kick-off for the ambassadors of the ITU Word Grand Final was held in Rotterdam in April. Kick-off took place during the World Cup Shorttrack, where several national Canadian Shorttrack athletes were competing (think, Victor Hamelin). One of our very own members, Pieter, represented as an ambassador for the event. During the session, the President of the Dutch Triathlon association elaborated on the beautiful location of the race. The race took place in the heart of Rotterdam, as the athletes swam in the downtown harbor, after which they biked over all the large bridges in the center of the city. The race concluded with a run in the Euromast park, the CN tower of the Netherlands. A nice anecdote was told about the willingness of the city to help out: “We were struggling to get the bike route organized because of police restrictions on the usage of several roads. The organizers were very concerned about how to solve this. The municipality was very helpful and simply added that they would build an extra temporary bridge for the event to solve the issue”.

The race was very special for Pieter, who has lived in Toronto for 1.5 years and has been a TTC member for just as long. Prior to Toronto, Pieter lived and worked in Rotterdam for 11 years. During the kick-off event Pieter was asked why he wanted to be an ambassador for the event, given that he is living in Canada. “For me, it is really bringing two worlds together, my home town Rotterdam and Toronto where I have fallen in love with Triathlon. It is super exciting that some of my fellow TTC athletes will be racing there and I want to do everything in my power to make it successful and wonderful experience for them. Given the nature of the Dutch people, I am 100% sure that there will be a lot of spectators dressed up in orange (our national color) and cheering all the athletes on”.

During the last TTC social we were able to give a way miniature clogs with the ITU worlds logo on them thanks to Pieter. Who knows what we will get next time…    

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