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28 Jul 2017 12:55 PM | Anonymous

In only his second year competing in triathlons, 2016, Scott qualified for OLY Distance World's in 2017, what brought him to the sport? Nothing too exciting really! He was bored with stationary bikes and running and there is a community centre with a pool 2 blocks from his house so figured he could take up swimming, then it struck him that would be swim/bike/run, so why not string it together for competing in triathlon.

Scott had a major set back right before the 2016 qualifying race in Ottawa but still insisted on competing because how many chances would he get to qualify for the World Championships of anything!? Last July Scott tore the cartilage in his right knee, this was the 4th time he had torn it, though the first time in my right knee. Knowing the protocol of arthroscopic surgery, including waiting 5 months after surgery before starting rehab, and that it does not do anything to heal the tear, Scott opted for stem cell therapy instead. It's so new no studies have been concluded. He would put his healing rate at about 90% so far. And the best part- he was rehabbing 4 days after the treatment. "I feel like I got new knees ;) I had the treatment done on both".

World's this year are in Rotterdam Sept 17. Scott typically does not set "goals" but it going to be competitive. His daughter is a national level swimmer and he tells her "You don't win the race on race day. You win it every day you get up at 430 am for practice and others sleep in. You win it every time you push yourself in practice when others are giving up. You win that race when everyone is feeling pain and you hold out the longest". It's my job to train, the results will be what I earn.

Which aspect of triathlon does Scott feel is his strongest and which is he focusing on developing before Worlds? Strongest is definitely bike. He never did much biking and never even had a road bike until he bought his tri bike in July 2015. However, over the years he has done a lot of ice/inline skating and realized it utilizes many of the same muscle groups. Scott taught myself to swim in the winter before starting triathlons and feels he has plateaued, so improving his run after the setback last year has been his focus. Scott reduced his running to once/week to limit impact on his knees. The rest of his weekly run training is now in the gym. "Last week I set a PB on my usual 10k route (46:15, I've been running it for 4 years), so I think the new routine is working."

As a relative rookie to the sport tell us a funny story of a "rookie mistake" you have made racing or training? Scott put on his tri suit on backwards the first time, unclipped his helmet after crossing the dismount line during his first race. Timing chip fell off his ankle coming out of the water at 2015 TTF and forgot to put it back on until he returned to transition from the bike!

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