Member of the Month: January - David Noseworthy

03 Jan 2018 9:16 AM | Anonymous

Our Member of the Month for January is, David Noseworthy. David has been a member of the TTC Board of Directors for the past four years, holding key positions - sponsorship, secretary and this past year as President.

In addition to his board involvement and hectic personal life, David loves to race and you can guarantee he has a memorable race or two booked each season. His ‘A’ Race for 2017 was IM Austria which he conquered with a contingent of other TTC’ers.

In October, David’s leadership and his ability to triumph over adversity was demonstrated again at the NOLA 70.3. After training hard and investing in a far-away race, it was obviously disappointing for David and his friends to see the race cancelled due to weather. Instead of grumbling, David amassed the TTC team to seek out all that NOLA had to offer!

While this is only one example of the leadership offered by the President of the TTC, it does offer insight into how he is able to make the best of a difficult situation (required by anyone looking to do triathlons!), inspire others and how David has been able to lead the TTC to help become the largest triathlon club in Canada.

You will inevitably see David’s smiling face at numerous local races and club events, his warm calm demeanor will quickly have you at ease and talking about the addictive triathlon lifestyle!

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