Triathlon Lexicon

1/2IM = 1/2 Ironman
70.3 = New designation for 1/2 Ironmans
AG(er) =Age Group(er)
AHR = Average Heart Rate
AT = Anaerobic Threshold AT = in addition to Aerobic/Anaerobic Threshold also in context of discussing injuries Achilles Tendon/Achilles Tendonitis
ATP = Annual Training Plan
ATP also = adenosine triphosphate which is what is broken down in the muscle to produce energy.
AR = Adventure Racing
BT = Break through workout session
BMR = Basal Metabolic Rate
BOP(er) = Back of the Pack(er)
BPM = Beats Per Minute for Heart Rate
Brick = Often used to describe a combination workout that includes a bike and run back to back.
Century = Bike ride of 100 miles
CT = Computrainer
DFL = Dead Finish Last
DNF = Did Not Finish
DU = Duathlon (run bike run)
DQ = Disqualified
Fish/Fishie = good swimmer
FOP = Front of Pack FOP'er - Front of Packer
HR = Heart Rate
HRLT = Heart Rate at Lactate Threshold
HRM = Heart Rate Monitor
HROBLA = Heart Rate at Onset of Blood Lactate Accumulation (rare)
IM = Ironman (Swim 2.4 miles, Bike 112 miles, Run 26.2 miles)
IMC = Ironman Canada
IMMoo = Ironman Wisconsin
IMNA = Ironman North America
IMF = Ironman Florida
IMH = Ironman Hawaii
IMLP = Ironman Lake Placid
IMUSA = Ironman Lake Placid also
ITB = Ilio Tibial Band
LT = Lactate Threshold
LSD = Long Slow Distance
LBS = Local Bike Shop
MARY = Marathon
Mdot = WTC sponsored race or that circle above an M thingy that is on Ironman trademarked stuff
MRHR = Morning Resting Heart Rate (to distinguish the lowest rate vs. RHR which could be recovery heart rate.)
MHR = Maximum Heart Rate
MOP(er) = Middle of the Pack(er)
OLY = Olympic distance triathlon (1.5K swim, 40K bike and 10K run)

PB = Personal Best

PC = Powercranks
PE = Perceived exertion/ effort
PR = Personal Record
PV = Personal Victory
RHR = Resting Heart Rate
RICE = Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate
TRIGEEK = another name for a triathlete
TI = Total Immersion
T1 = Swim-to-Bike transition
T2 = Bike-to-Run transition
TTT = Team Time Trial (cycling)
TT = Time Trial (cycling)
TI = Total Immersion: swimming instruction by Terry Laughlin
TFL = Tensor Fascia Lata
VT = Ventilatory Threshold. When you are totally sucking wind!
WTC = World Triathlon Corp owners of Ironman Trademark

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