Why Join

The Toronto Triathlon Club is a great place to meet other triathletes, find training partners, challenge yourself personally and celebrate your accomplishments in a supportive and social environment.

According to our Members, 5 key reasons why they joined and continue to be active in the Toronto Triathlon Club include:

1. Training Support

  • The Toronto Triathlon Club provides training plans, group training activities, camps and access to coaches and training facilities to our Members.
  • All our coaches and group leaders are NCCP Community Trained or higher and our workout are sanctioned by Triathlon Ontario giving you quality and safe programming.
  • Standardized training programs designed by club Sponsor Nigel Gray, Head Coach of NRG Performance Training.
  • Free Training Peaks- Basic Account with access to training plans (new for 2015!)

2. Clinics and Seminars

  •  Clinics and seminars, and training workshops, where you can access club coaches.
  • From learning how to run faster to race day nutrition, the Toronto Triathlon Club provides access to expert advice at discounted rates. Check out our Events Calendar

3. Social Events

  •  It's not all about training with the Toronto Triathlon Club. Pub nights and Member events are key to celebrating you accomplishments and to replenish some of those calories you burned.

4. Training, Testing, Coaching and Product Discounts

5. Includes Triathlon Ontario Membership

  • Toronto Triathlon Club members must also be members of Triathlon Ontario (TO) (formally known as Ontario Association of Triathletes (OAT)). When you register for the TTC, you also complete your TO registration. 
  • Includes Liability insurance coverage for all TO events, required for all races and Toronto Triathlon Club group workouts.


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