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  • 29 Aug 2018 9:27 AM | Anonymous

    As of September 1st, 2018, TTC will begin adding HST, which is 13% in Ontario, to all club memberships, training sessions, clinics and other events that have a cost involved. If you have any questions, please email our Executive Director, Allen Davidov.

  • 19 Jul 2018 9:19 AM | Anonymous

    Congratulation to our Members named to the Toronto Triathlon Festival Mixed Relay Teams! 

    Come cheer on our teams Saturday July 21st, 8:30am start. 

    TTC Mixed Relay - RED TEAM

    Izaura Araujo

    Peter Newhook

    Tara Postnikoff

    Mike Greenberg

    TTC Mixed Relay - BLUE TEAM

    Alexandra Bade

    Bernardo Majano

    Kate Elliott

    Eoin O'Flynn

  • 09 May 2018 6:47 AM | Anonymous

    We've changed our vendor and the new kit is ready for you to order.  The store will be open until May 16th at 8pm.  Order now and your kit is expected to arrive by late June.

    Contact Kelly at for more info.

  • 25 Apr 2018 5:10 PM | Anonymous

    Thank you to all those that attended the Annual General Meeting last Tuesday.  Thank you to our outgoing board members and volunteers for their dedicated service.

    • David Noseworthy- President
    • Lori Goodfellow- Treasurer
    • Clare McCurley - Secretary
    • Linda Kay Richards - Training
    • Kimberly Mutch - Social
    • Halley Georgas - Marketing
    • Jackie Baldwin - Sponsorship
    • Irene Rey - Past President

    Please welcome our new 2018 Board of Directors! You can read more about our board members here.

    • Boni Griffith - President
    • Bill Oliver - Vice President - Stategy
    • Brenda Santos - Vice President - Member Experience
    • Sean Croon - Secretary
    • Shannon Brooks - Treasurer
    • Lesley Taylor - Training
    • Amy Lam - Social
    • Kelly Smith - Marketing
    • Tim Bishop - Communications
    • Leanne Briscoe - Sponsorship
    • Cassandra Siwek - Membership
    • David Noseworthy - Past President
    And our Community Support Members (non voting)
    • Laura Beatty- Events Marketing Manager
    • Diana Gonzalez - Volunteer Coordinator
    • Sara Tomenson - Training Support
    • Lori Goodfellow - Bookkeeper 
  • 02 Sep 2017 11:36 AM | Anonymous

    Thank you to everyone who participated and volunteered at our final Splash n Dash event on August 30th! 

    Distances: ~600m swim and ~3.5km run

    Top Finishers by Category:

    Men:  Eóin Ó'Flynn, Gordon Ngan, Peter Newhook

    Women:  Caroline Bolduc, Maryna Cowling, Michelle Karunarante

    2017.08.30_TTC Splash 'N Dash_Results.pdf


    Congratulations to our Splash n Dash series winners!

    1st - Caroline Bolduc

    2nd - Michelle Karunarante


    1st - Eóin Ó'Flynn

    2nd - Bernardo Majano

    3rd - Michael Mandel

  • 10 Aug 2017 1:34 PM | Anonymous

    Thanks to everyone who participated in and volunteered for the first Toronto Triathlon Club Splash 'N Dash event in Aug 9th at Cherry Beach.  

    Distances: ~600m swim and ~3.5km run

    Top Finishers by Category:

    Men:  Eóin Ó'Flynn, Peter Newhook, Bernardo Majano

    Women:  Caroline Bolduc, Michelle Karunarante, Isabelle Tremblay

    2017.08.09_TTC Splash 'N Dash_Results.pdf


    First Place: Eóin Ó'Flynn and Caroline Bolduc 

    Second Place: Michelle Karunarante and Peter Newhook

  • 19 Jul 2017 9:50 PM | Anonymous

    Thanks to everyone who participated in and volunteered for the first Toronto Triathlon Club Splash 'N Dash event in July 19th at Cherry Beach.  


    Distances: ~600m swim and ~3.5km run

    Top Finishers by Category:

    Men:  Eóin Ó'Flynn, Cody Caissie, Bernardo Majano

    Women:  Caroline Bolduc, Maryna Cowling, Michelle Karunarante

    2017.07.19_TTC Splash 'N Dash_Results.pdf

  • 10 Jul 2017 6:24 PM | Anonymous

    Our weekly Wednesday coached OWS sessions are back and they are one of the TTCs premium benefits to our members. We had over 50 athletes out last week! Now that OWS season is here, we have a few rules and guidelines to help make the evening run smoothly with so many participants.

    1.  Sign up.  We require you to sign up weekly to secure your spot and to make our check in process more efficient.  If you arrive at the beach and you have not signed up online we will not be able to check you in until we have checked in all others.   

    2.  Arrive Early.  It takes time to put on your wetsuit and get changed and checked in.  Arriving at 6:25pm will delay your entry to the water and you’ll likely miss some key instructions from the coach.  You will be given your TTC OWS latex swim cap on July 12th.  Please bring it with you each week for practice.  If you do not attend on July 12th please see the volunteer or coach at check in to receive one.  Please only take one swim cap over the course of the season.

    3.  Check In.  Please find the volunteer coordinator for check-in on the lake-side of the change station at Cherry Beach.  Check-in will commence by 6:15pm on most days.  Please be patient.  There is only one volunteer and many of you.  We need to know who enters the water as part of our insurance plan.

    4.  See Coach by 6:30pm.  After checking in with the volunteer, please  proceed to the beach, west side of the lifeguard station to see Miranda and our group leader for pre-swim instructions and review of the workout.  Each week Coach Miranda will be working on a different skill set.  For a complete list of skills that will be covered visit  If you arrive late, please wait until Miranda had given all the instructions and the practice has started before asking what you missed.

    5. Be Respectful.  There are a few other groups at Cherry Beach on Wednesday nights which results in a lot of people and sometimes some confusion.  We are all there to train and have fun, so please follow the rules.  

    6.  Splash N Dash events. Lastly on July 12, Aug 9 and Aug 30th, TTC is running a series of timed Splash N Dash (Swim/Run event).  If you want to participate please sign up on the website.  Volunteers are always welcome.

    If you have any questions, please contact our Training Director Linda-Kay at

    Linda Kay Richards

    Training Director
    Toronto Triathlon Club

  • 01 Jun 2017 10:44 AM | Anonymous

    President's Message,  May 2017

    With the 2017 racing season upon us, I wanted to update all our members on some of the exciting milestones achieved to date, as well as events and initiatives that are in the works.

    Board update

    Since the new Board year started in November, the team has been busy!  I would like to extend a huge thank you to our volunteer Board: Brenda Santos (VP); Lori Goodfellow (Treasurer); Clare McCurley (Secretary); Boni Griffith (Membership); Halley Georgas (Marketing); Jacqueline Baldwin (Sponsorship); Kimberley Mutch (Social); Linda Kay Richards (Training); and a warm welcome to Kelly Smith (Communications).  I would also like to thank: our Past President Irene Rey; Community Members Laura Betty, Diana Gonzales and Ariel Weis; our Executive Director, Tara Postnikoff; and Administrative Assistant, Elisa Iannarelli.

    Read more from David Noseworthy.

  • 28 Feb 2017 3:06 PM | Anonymous

    If you are racing an IRONMAN event this year, be aware of the new rules that have been implemented for 2017. One of the key changes is regarding front-zip tri-suits. Remember to keep the front zipper of your Toronto Triathlon Club tri-suit up! 

    To learn more about this, and all of the other new rules for IRONMAN 2017 visit this link:

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