TTC Swim Clinic - CSS & Advanced Skills

  • 23 Mar 2019
  • 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • DA Morrison
  • 6


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Are you a intermediate level swimmer who has reached a plateau in recent months/years? Are you looking to make some improvements in the swim leg of your triathlon this year? Or are you looking to become more efficient so that you don't get on the bike breathless from your swim? If so, this clinic is for you!

Description: This clinic is meant to introduce more advanced techniques and ways of training to swimmers who have plateaued in recent months or even years. This clinic will feature a discussion on the nature of swimming, its unique technical challenges and how athletes can expect to overcome those challenges. The clinic will also introduce the concept of critical swim speed (CSS) and how to use this concept in training.


(1) Swimmers will first establish their CSS. This will involve a 10-15 minute warmup, 400m timed swim, short break and then a 100m timed swim followed by a cool down. A discussion will follow that involves how to calculate CSS, how to train knowing your CSS and how to use your CSS to predict your estimated time for a given distance race. 

(2) The second part of the clinic will focus on the technical aspects of the freestyle stroke, including body position, the catch, pull and recovery phase of the stroke. Time will be spend discussing proper technique and then swimmers will be lead through a few drills to help with these common technique errors

Minimum Requirements: Swimmers are required to be able to swim 400m in less than 10 inutes or consistently hold a pace of 2:25/100m for a 20-30 minute continuous swim. 

Needed: Appropriate swim wear, goggles and preferably a swim cap and a water bottle, warm clothes for deck, 2-3 warm towels. 

Coach:  Sam Johnson

(Limited to 12 participants)

Please plan on arriving early to change.

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